Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Garden King

Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday reading: Matthew 21:1-11
Matthew series: Matthew 7:15-23 (You will know them by their fruit... the one who does the will of my Father in heaven will receive the kingdom)

I'm a blood donor, giving as regularly as I can for last dozen years.
Yesterday I went to a blood drive at a rural church. Took a long time to get there, passed many country churches on the way there.
I got to thinking about how the mission of country church might differ from suburban, or urban... Perhaps the rural church is mostly shepherd, Urban must address local needs, suburban both? (Not a heirarchy).

Palm Sunday reading (Matthew 21:1-11) the people welcome Jesus as king. Perhaps even by Jesus' design. 
If I said "I cut down the apple tree, I cannot tell a lie..." who would you think of?
Jesus' actions remind the people of the prophet Zechariah (9:9)... Perhaps not an accident or odd detail that Jesus came into town on donkey, colt, but a reminder of a prophecy that the king would ride into town on a donkey and peace would reign.

In Mt 21:9 the crowds call out to Jesus the Son of David, crying out “Lord, Save!”
But Mt 7:21 not everyone who calls Lord Lord will enter kingdom. Indeed we see before the end of the week that the ones who laid their cloaks down before Jesus call for his crucifixion. & instead of saying This is Jesus the King they call him prophet (11).
Not all who call Lord Lord will enter...

God wants fruit-bearing disciples.
Jesus is not only King, he's gardener,
seeking crop of righteousness, seeking to sow glory for God...

Glory for God is do the will of the Father...
verse 21 do the will of the father, enter heaven.
This is life of discipleship, this is what it is to call Jesus Lord and King: Combination of word (calling him Lord, Lord) and deed (produce fruit)

I've been here six months. Getting to know you.
How do we proclaim King AND produce fruit?
Interact. Tell. Demonstrate that Jesus is Lord in life and that there is righteous fruit in connection with Jesus being Lord.
Church should be a haven for the outcast (and not a maker of outcasts). A place of hope and healing.
Combination, interrelation of word (Lord, Lord) and deed (produce fruit)
Keep Jesus alive.

Hymn 168 At the Name of Jesus

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