Sunday, January 26, 2014


On Matthew 4:12-25, Jesus invites Simon and Andrew, James and John to follow him
Third Sunday after the Epiphany

D'ya ever do anything spontaneously? How do you decide? 
My spontaneous things usually have to do with directions... sometimes it works out real well, sometimes not, but that's another story. 
Nevertheless I daresay folks might often say that the Spirit led them...

 • Yesterday morning at Trinity Episcopal for Marshall Medical Outreach and food/clothing/whathaveyou distribution. I had a great conversation with a biker named Larry who was an organizer. Folks tell him “I want to do something.” “Look around. Find something that needs doing that you can do, then do it.” 9 yrs, weekly. Spirit led.
I'll sometimes say when things go wrong, my fault; when things go well, Spirit.
People sometimes talk about finding God, but today's reading shows that God finds people... Jesus walking along the sea, sees Simon and Andrew fishing, fishing, not looking for a master, fishing, doing their job, maybe what they were called to do... Jesus comes into their lives, in the midst of what they normally do, says “follow me,” and they stop what they're doing and follow him. What prompted them? Authority? Aura? Spirit?
Whatever case may be, God initiates contact, God invites participation.
As God did with Adam&Eve in the garden, tend the earth, I give you everything for good... God initiates and invites.
As God did with Moses, didn't need Moses to talk to Pharaoh, perfectly capable of leading ppl by cloud and fire but initiates and invites Moses' participation.
God wants to work with people. God did, and God does today.
God initiates contact, and God invites participation
(look at Matthew 4:23-25)
The invitation to follow Jesus is not sedentary neither is it part-time ... Jesus not only wants us to live (John 10:10) but to go
live (rhymes with hive).
Jesus leads the disciples among outcasts, not so much established folks, to equalize position, to raise up the low, to elevate the poor and untouchable.
Where Jesus leads disciples, lives should be improved.
Good news is because of Jesus life can/will get better / be redeemed.
Because of Jesus, there is redemption,both redemption to come, and redemption in the here and now.

So. Look around, and do.
God calls you, invites you, sends you, redeems you.
And so invites redemption into the world.

Hymn 396 O Jesus I Have Promised

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