Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Sent" aka F.R.O.G.

Luke 9:1-9, Jesus sends The Twelve out with authority to preach and heal

• Earlier in Luke: A disciple hears and does…

• Jesus is Master over storms, demons, disease, death.

• Jesus is greater than any prophet or power, (greater than Elijah and John the Baptist)

AND Jesus is with you and for you.

• Today: Jesus sends you.

There are some things you DON’T have:

basically, comfort. No staff, extra bread, extra clothes, MONEY. Not even extra bag.
When you go, you will relate to the needy. The ones who NEED the word from God.
   (If you show up with extra bread, extra clothes, extra bag, money, you might as well show up in a limousine. And nobody’s gonna listen, b/c you’re not one of them.)

When you go, you will Fully Rely On God

• There are some things you DO have:

You have Permission from the Master. (passport).

You have COmission from the Master. (your mission, if you choose to accept it)
     Commission to preach (proclaim the Kingdom of God) and heal (and cast out demons!).  That is, when you leave a place, it should be better (Febreze)!
• Therefore, with permission and commission, with FAITH, Go with God… Go!

• How have you seen Kingdom of God? How have you seen healing? Where in your surroundings does Kingdom of God need to be preached? (like Febreze)

• Hymn 297 I Love to Tell the Story

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