Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Taste of God

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost
World Communion Sunday
Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12 

• A favorite bible verse of mine is John 10:10, where Jesus says that where some folks come as thieves in the night, to steal and destroy, he came so that people might have life to the full, life abundant. That you might know you’re alive. One way of celebrating life is to go to the edge of it, hence skydiving or mountainclimbing or scubadiving or exploring, or spelunking.

 Couple weeks ago my 9-year-old daughter and I visited Indian Echo Caverns for the first time. A kind of thrill and awe. Perhaps best b/c tour guide who was experienced and able to educate us about history and features, and enhance with story and with lights out. For me the best thrill was listening to my daughter’s breathing as the lights went out.

• Reading from Hebrews, Jesus is that experienced guide who educated and enhanced. Though higher than the angels he entered into humanity to live human life as God intended, to educate… and in doing so, to enhance our lives both as we know them and as they are to come, to offer salvation. He did that which we could not do (live fully and completely in harmony with God) in order that he might earn for us that which we could never earn – salvation. He tasted suffering and death though he didn’t have to, so that we wouldn’t have to bear the full consequences of suffering and death.

• We would do well to be like Christ, educating and enhancing the lives of others… A brief word on today’s passage from Mark, which has Jesus speaking against divorce and also blessing children… in both episodes looking out for the vulnerable, providing protection for those that need it, women and children (children of course, and women who did not enjoy the freedoms we do today… a woman who was divorced might well have no means of support, therefore, says Jesus, when a man divorces a woman, putting shame and burden upon her, he too is shamed and burdened.

          Prioritize your lives on behalf of the vulnerable.

          Like Jesus did and does for us in his incarnation and sacrifice.

• And we get a taste of who God is, as one who invigorates life and looks out for the vulnerable.

• We join with many (including our women and children who are on different retreats this weekend) to remember, to commit, to celebrate.

• Into communion liturgy

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