Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Makes a Christian?

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost
James 1:17-27 and Mark 7 selections

• aside: I like talking about Jesus. I don’t like talking about sin. Last week I talked to youth about porn. Churchgoers not immune. If you’re in it, stop. I can give you confidential help with secret sins. Jesus frees.

• What makes a biker? I have jacket, gloves, helmet, teeshirts, even a hat. I have license, I have bike. I have experience (time and miles). I chat with other bikers, I read bike books, I take bike classes.

  What makes a biker? Stuff, study, action, attitude.

  Also, I’m a biker b/c MY actions, not b/c my birth, not b/c my parents.

  Not all biker images are good, and I have to “retrain” society about its stereotypes. I do so by being me, letting my spirit shine through.

• What do “they” think about Christians? Judgmental, closeminded, hate gays, hypocrites (what is hypocrite? Two faced, does not do as says).

• Tertullian (early church father, 150-200 years after Jesus) before his conversion:               
“See how the Christians love one another”… Christians are made, not born.

• Intentional interactions. Praying, loving, incarnation (being the embodiment)

• Study, ingest, do. (started with saying what I like talking about…) what people remember from this part of James is Doers not Hearers only. How about the last part? True religion is in action, in how we CARE for others

• Evangelism workshop November 3. Jesus wants life & wholeness. (that part is nice) Jesus wants disciples, followers, workers (oh yeah).

If you were on trial for being Christian, would you be found guilty?

May your actions, your lifestyle, your words, your attitudes reflect Christ. NOT so that you may receive attention for piety or works but so that Christ may be illumined.

• Hymn 444 I’ll go where you want me to go

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